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The Trilith Story

Just beyond the reach of city life, there sits a township like none before. Conceived, not as a place to simply live, Trilith is a place to be alive – with vibrancy, passion and creativity. It is built on the understanding that all who find their way here share an innate desire for one thing, above all else – storytelling.

Tailor-Made for Storytellers

Our hotel is designed, not to rest weary travelers, but instead, to awaken the storyteller in all who visit. Started in the ancient oral tradition, story has carried human culture forward and evolved through constant innovation. Now, at Trilith, this craft is the very cornerstone of our town and its most important place of gathering and welcome. The hotel, its public spaces, its staff and even its approach to hospitality are all intended to immerse each guest in a story of their own making.

Ship in water with a whale below the water People dancing near a pool with people swimming

Paths to Storytelling

Our hotel near Trilith Studios embraces all who seek to continue the timeless tradition of storytelling. Here, we will showcase it, encourage it and take an active role in it, to in part, tell our story.

Vintage Book Pages Pathway into the woods with flowers and trees

“We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.”

– Jonathan Gottschall

Trilith Guesthouse is proud to be a Tribute Portfolio hotel. Tribute Portfolio is a growing global family of characterful, independent hotels drawn together by their passion for captivating design and their drive to create vibrant social scenes for guests and locals alike. 

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